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All works come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

About The Artist

Hal Walter

I have always loved symbioses between art and technology. I explored them by studying and practising architecture and more recently when designing a restomod car for small scale production. Ever since receiving a Leica CL for my 18th birthday I have also nurtured this passion with photography, attempting with an optical-mechanical-chemical and more recently optical-mechanical-electronic device to transform my surroundings into art.

About The Work

What is photography? It captures moments in time and emotions. The camera can also see things differently to the eye. It can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and one form of beauty into another.

The universal ingredient is light. It takes diverse forms and transforms the subject in myriad ways. I look for an interesting angle between the light, subject and camera and then intensify the view using the physics of light as it interacts with the camera — focal length of the lens to expand or compress the view and alter its perspective; aperture of the lens to leave the subject merged in its surroundings or isolate it; and exposure time to keep the subject sharp or blur it. In this way I create my images in-camera, ranging from realism to painterly abstraction, without computer manipulation.