Moon Doogas self portrait

The pieces presented here are not available elsewhere at this time.

About The Artist

Moon Doogas

Born, living and practising in Melbourne, Australia

Studied Film and Television, Electronic Music composition, Graphic design and Illustration. Started with electronic image making before the Macintosh or PC was invented, working with the Genigraphics colour transparency computer PDP-11 which eventually was sold to Microsoft and became the basis of Powerpoint.

Moon Doogas creates electronic and experimental music along with painting and poetry and one day hopes the world will become sensible.

About The Work

“I entered the digital photography world in 2002 with a 3.2 megapixel camera and wondered how I could make more pixels with the device. Began multi-imaging the landscape and stitching images back together as one super large file. This has led to a constant search for pixel-based interpolations where the vital hero is the pixel itself. With this series “Ritchie Pix, I have exploded fine detail of comic books into the spectrum of absolute abstraction of line and colour, unique in the terms of manual control, pushing the computer to interpret the values of the line and colour blends.”