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About The Artist

Roger Hart-Wells

Before he became a singer and songwriter in the late ‘70’s and ‘80’s, Roger was an art student at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Of that time he says, “… the trouble was, I was too young to understand what I was trying to do with my visual work … which is why, when I left art school, my focus switched to the more facile satisfaction of drawing cartoons for various underground publications, and singing and making songs with The Little Heroes …”

After leaving the music industry in the ‘90’s, Roger went into a period of review, spending a a number of years practicing Vipassana meditation in monasteries throughout SE Asia
“… it was during this time that a core fascination began to form itself within me, an aesthetic principle that I needed to pursue, which could only be expressed visually. Trouble was, I got diverted into writing books, which took up the next couple of decades.

During that time, Roger wrote two non-fiction books about meditation, and two novels, two of which were published – ‘Levin’s God’ and ‘Happy to Burn’.

“… I had to get all the words and ideas out of my head so I could settle into the more intuitive process of making pictures …”

About The Work

So now the circle is complete, as Roger returns to making pictures – only now, he has a driving sense of what he needs to explore.

“… I’m fascinated with duality. The way positive and negative space need each other and the tensions they form … which echo the tensions we experience as a result of the more universal dualities of our living experience, of up and down, black and white, right and wrong and so on … and how this tension can form images, and bring them to life on a two dimensional surface …”