ALCHEMY by Bryan Dawe

a collection of new works, inspired by and from Tangier, Morocco - March 2024

In Tangier you can be anyone

At the beginning of his excellent contemporary literary guide American author and former Moroccan resident Josh Shoemake, wrote: “You can be anyone in Tangier. You can remake yourself, rewrite your back story, reform, deform, indulge your subconscious, cultivate nemeses or simply start anew.”

Bryan is not certain how many of these activities he is guilty of or currently undertaking. Because as the great Chinese diplomat and statesmen Zhou Enlai replied, when asked the question: ‘What do you think the effect that the French Revolution has had on the world?’ Zhou Enlai replied: “It is too early to tell!”

Still, Tangier and its history, its architecture, old cafes and bars – the old bars, the wonderful stories, the close proximity to Europe – just 45 minutes by ferry, the light and most of all, the delightful humour and genuine warmth of her people, continue to inspire and inform Bryan’s work, narratives and stories.

In this regard, Tangier is a creative alchemy, like no other. As Josh Shoemake says: “Truth or fiction? Never mind…. there’s not much difference here.”

And so,  after making Tangier home more than two years ago, Bryan launches his third exhibition “Alchemy” from this magical Moroccan port city. This time exclusively exhibited and made available for purchase here at consideredART.

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