ConsideredART about

what was I thinking?

As with all great ideas, the seed for consideredART was sown over a glass of wine … or two!

I was visiting an old friend, a man of many talents, who more recently has emerged as a digital artist with many exhibitions under his belt, in Australia and abroad.  Busy making art,  he remarked that he did not have the time, the expertise, nor the inclination to keep his website up to date, or to fully exploit the on-line marketing tools available.

Less than a week later, another friend, a painter expressed almost exactly the same frustration.

A lightbulb moment was triggered.

All of the artists exhibiting here are exceptional people.
Not just because they are my friends, but because they have done remarkable things beyond the visual art you can see here.  Coincidentally a majority of them are gifted musicians.


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