About The Artist

Boro Couw

Boro Couw is the pseudonym  Boris Falovic prefers to use when working as a visual artist.

Boris has been an active participant in Melbourne’s cultural community for the past 38 years, playing music from the late 70’s with many underground, alternative , electronic music outfits including “The Tingler ( Ash Wednesday) The Nude, Steve Lucas and the Groody Frenzy, Go Public, The Bastinados, The Dugites, Rip Torn and the Stockings

In the mid 80’s he worked in theatre and performance art with Lynne Ellis and Barry Dickens at La Mama and was a part of Straightface theatre group in St Kilda, moving into visual and performance art during this period.

Boris has exhibited at Were St Art festival, Open studios exhibitions and more recently at Studio 11 in Coburg and Blender art studios in Docklands.  He is a member of Perform Print with Joel Gailer , Jenny Hall and Michael Meneghetti.

He brings the same attitude and unorthodox approach to his visual art as to his music.

About The Work

In the process of my artwork I try to find a way to accommodate visual and musical on the same level. The flowing of music represents a template or reference point for my experimental visual work. Through this process I have arrived at certain techniques whereby a strong focus in one direction can be hijacked consciously by the presence of another.

Hi-energy music is one way that I can attain results. A sound system and some good rock and roll records helps this process

“Prainting” is a technique that provides me with a psychedelic experience while participating in the art process.  It combines printing techniques with painting routines. The styles are almost all abstract figurative.